(Nokuthula is sitting on the sofa, with her mother Nomabali Sixhase, on a Saturday morning.)

Nomabali: Nokuthula, you have been growing in front of me; your weight leads me to suspect something.

Nokuthula: Don’t suspect anything just because I gained weight. I am just very happy.

Nomabali: My child, I sent you to college to study office management and you came back with a diploma. You were lucky to get a job at a sewing company. My last dream is to see you getting married and have a white wedding.

Nokuthula: One day, I also want to get married.

Nomabali: My child, I want to talk straight with you. I suspect that you are pregnant and please don’t lie to me because I can see pregnancy symptoms in you.

Nokuthula: Mom, I must tell you the truth. You are spot on. I am pregnant.

Nomabali: Who made you pregnant? Please, just tell me the name of the father of your child.

Nokuthula: It’s Funxani.

Nomabali: Nokuthula are you crazy. How can you become pregnant with the child of that womaniser? Funxani is a dishonest person. He has been telling the village that he will marry Nobubele and after Nobubele died, he was one of the people who said that Nobubele was killed by his wife so he could officially divorce her. Funxani’s life doesn’t have order. I think you chose the wrong person.

Nokuthula: He explained the problems in his marriage to me. He also told me that he also wanted to leave Nobubele because she liked alcohol a lot.

Nomabali: You never told me about Funxani. It looked like he was very happy with Nobubele.

Nokuthula: He told me to keep quiet until he divorced his wife.

Nomabali: Did you tell him that you are pregnant?

Nokuthula: Yes, I told him and he was very happy for us. We have been staying together in the same flat for the last six months now.

Nomabali: I never thought that man would be my son-in-law.

Nokuthula: He is very happy to be the father of my child. He lives with his parents when he is in the village because he wants Nosihombise to sign the divorce papers.

Nomabali:Nokuthula: He was already planning on leaving Nobubele and ready to announce me as his future wife.

Nomabali: That is good news. You must just be careful of Nosihombise because there are rumours that she is the one who killed Nobubele using poison.

Nokuthula: I will just avoid eating at African rituals and ask God to protect me from my all my enemies.

Nomabali: I will just explain everything to your father.

(Nokuthula nods her head.)

Nokuthula: Mom, I think we must start to prepare for our washing. The sun in winter is not strong.

Nomabali: You are right my love.


Tell us: Do you think Funxani was being honest with Nokuthula about leaving Nobubele and marrying her, or was he lying to her like he was lying to Nobubele?