(Funxani and Nosihombise are at their flat on a Sunday morning.)

Nosihombise: It’s been weeks since I saw you.

Funxani: Yes, it’s been weeks since I told myself that it’s better to be single than to be sleeping with a person connected to witchcraft.

Nosihombise: I don’t believe that you think that I am connected to witchcraft and that I killed Nobubele. Don’t believe that traditional healer who said that I killed Nobubele by sending people to put poison in her plate.

Funxani: There are many kilometres that separate Transkei and Ciskei. It was the first time that the traditional healer met Nobubele’s family, but he spoke about people as if he lived in our village.

Nosihombise:He might have been told by somebody who is from this village about the tensions, rivals, and fights that were related to Nobubele. He also could have known the mortuary results before the family even came to see him. I was probably just the first person he suspected, so he threw wild allegations against me.

Funxani: Nobubele’s father chose to go to this traditional healer after one of his colleagues at a Gauteng gold mine recommended him. It was before I even met Nobubele. When Nobubele’s death came out of nowhere her father said that he wanted us to go to this traditional healer who was recommended by one of his colleagues long ago.

Nosihombise: Do you want to tell me that you still believe that I killed Nobubele by sending people to put poison in her plate at Ndlelethemba’s tombstone unveiling?

Funxani: Yes, I believe the traditional healer.

Nosihombise: I was already accepting Nobubele as your second wife. I learned to accept that Nobubele will be your second wife and I would be your first wife.

Funxani: I hear your facts but I still want to divorce you.

Nosihombise: I accept your divorce but can you give me two weeks before we can go to court and divorce officially?

Funxani: Yes, I will give you time.

Nosihombise: Funxani, you must know that I will sign the divorce papers when you accept that you are going to give me this house, so that I can raise your children in a safe and secure place.

Funxani: Yes, I will give you the house and I will go and live with my parents until the elderly man gives me a new plot to build my new home.

Nosihombise: We used to be happy. I just want to know what happened between us?

Funxani: Nosihombise, there is no us. You need to accept that our marriage is over.

(Tears fall from Nosihombise’s eyes.)

Nosihombise: I will be very strong. I used to say that you are my soulmate before I found out that you were cheating on me.

Funxani: Let’s forget the past and its promises. We must just divorce peacefully.


Tell us: What do you think will happen to Nosihombise now that she and Funxani are getting divorced?