(Sive Mafu is sitting with his parents; Mzekelo Mafu and Nosikhombise Mafu on a Saturday morning.)

Mzekelo: Sive, did you hear what the mother of your girlfriend did to Nobubele?

Sive: Yes, I heard the rumours that she killed Nobubele by putting poison in her plate.

Nosikhombise: Nobubele’s family went to a traditional healer that lives in far away Ciskei. The traditional healer said straight out that Nosihombise killed Nobubele by telling her friend to put poison in Nobubele’s plate when Nobubele was very drunk. The poor angel didn’t even notice the poison in her food because she was very drunk.

Mzekelo: My child, you already told us that you want to marry Nolumanyano.

Sive: Yes, I told you that I want to marry Nolumanyano.

Mzekelo: We, as your parents, came up with the conclusion that you must marry Nobuhle Mlebe instead of Nolumanyano Gqogqa.

Sive: I love Nolumanyano too much. I don’t want to lose her.

Mzekelo: Stay away from her for the sake of protecting your family’s reputation. You must not be afraid to lose her because no man from this village will want to marry the daughter of someone involved in witchcraft.

Nosikhombise: Your father is right.

Mzekelo: The people of this village won’t trust us when we associate with Nosihombise. Nolumanyano will bring bad luck to this family. People will suspect that maybe your mother was the woman who was sent by Nosihombise to put poison in Nobubele’s plate.”

Sive: I understand your reasons. Although, it’s difficult for me to accept that I won’t get to see Nolumanyano anymore.

Mzekelo: People are very cruel. Nosihombise might be banned from attending African ceremonies and rituals around Transkei villages. People’s anger might even lead to her house being burnt down.

Sive: You are right. I must stay away from Nolumanyano before the people of this village investigate Nosihombise and kill all the people who are related and socialise with her.


Tell us: If you were in Sive’s position, would you have given up on Nolumanyano as easily as he did?