(Nobubele’s friends and family are at the house of the traditional healer Ngxelo Ntonga. Family and friends accompany Nomvakalelo Singqusho and Ngxelo Singqusho, who are Nobubele parents, to find the reason Nobubele met her untimely death. Ngxelo Ntonga places bones on the red mat and shakes the bones.)

Ngxelo Ntonga: You are the family that lost its daughter.

Nomvakalelo Singqusho: Yes, that’s true.

Ngxelo: Your daughter was living with someone’s husband.

Funxani: Yes, sir. I was living with Nobubele. I was planning to divorce my wife and marry her.

Ngxelo: Nobubele’s death has everything to do with her affair with Funxani.

Funxani: I don’t understand what you mean. It seems like we are getting further from the truth.

I’m not losing direction from finding Nobubele’s killer. My bones already told me who killed Nobubele.

Ngcathu Singqusho: Please, I want to know who killed my daughter.

Ngxelo: The person who killed Nobubele is Funxani’s wife.

Funxani: I don’t believe what I am hearing.

(Nobubele’s family and Funxani stand up.)

Nomvakalelo: Nosihombise is the last person that I thought could kill my daughter.

Ngcathu: How did Funxani’s wife kill my daughter?

Ngxelo: She sent people to put poison in Nobubele’s plate during the tombstone unveiling of Ndlelethemba Zimeleni. At that time, Nobubele was very drunk.

Funxani: The traditional healer is right; Nobubele was very drunk at the tombstone unveiling ceremony. When I get home, I will divorce Nosihombise. I never knew that she was involved with witchcraft.

Ngcathu: As the family of the deceased, we are grateful for all the information you have told us. We want to thank you with this R1,000.

(Ngcathu put the money near Ngxelo bones.)

Ngxelo: Thank you. I wish all of your family members can come to me in the future, so that I can give you African medicine that will protect them from bad luck and enemies.

(They all nod their heads and open the door.)


Tell us: Now that the truth is finally out. What do you think will be Nosihombise’s fate?