(Funxani and Nosihombise are at their house.)

Funxani: You know that I respect and love you, but it’s hard for me to accept that Nobubele is dead.

Nosihombise: When you cry about your girlfriend to me, you take my dignity away from me.

Funxani: I know that it’s hard for you to accept what goes on in my mind, but in order for me to heal, I have to make sure that I talk about the problem.

Nosihombise: You are right, it’s very painful for me to let you mourn and cry about your dead girlfriend because she almost took you away from me, although nobody deserves to die.

Funxani: The reason I became so sad is because the mortuary doctor told us that she found poison in Nobubele’s body. Which means that she ate food with poison in it.

Nosihombise: Do you think she committed suicide by eating powder poison?

Funxani: Yes, as the family, we thought so. But, due to the fact that she looked very happy and strong, we think that there are chances that somebody mixed poison into her food, drink, or alcohol.

Nosihombise: I am very confused by this because your girlfriend never socialised that much or attended any African rituals. She looked like a very private person.

Funxani: The family decided that Nobubele will be buried on Thursday. After the funeral, the family will take a transport to Diliza village in Ciskei.

Nosihombise: What will the family be doing in Diliza village?

Funxani: We are going to Diliza village to meet a traditional healer.

Nosihombise: What does the family want from the traditional healer?

Funxani: Nobubele’s father feels that his daughter was killed by someone who put poison in her food or drink. He wants the name of that person and the reason for that person to kill Nobubele.

Nosihombise: I don’t believe in traditional healers. When you investigate the death of your girlfriend with her family, you are taking my dignity as your wife away. People will think that she was more important to you than me.

Funxani: Nosihombise, I love you so much. The reason I want to go with her family to the traditional healer is because I want to hear from who he says killed Nobubele with my own ears. People always mix up the facts when they are telling stories. When I hear the reason for Nobubele’s death straight from the traditional healer, I will finally have peace.

Nosihombise: It’s fine, you can go to the traditional healer with Nobubele’s family.


Tell us: Now that Funxani and Nobubele’s family are going to see a traditional healer, do you think the traditional healer is going to reveal the truth about Nobubele’s cause of death?