(Funxani wakes up to drink water. He thinks that Nobubele is sleeping, but rather she is dead.)

Funxani: Baby, I can see that you are tired. Must I make you some tea?

(When he doesn’t get a response, Funxani comes close to the bed.)

Funxani: It can’t be. My beautiful honey can’t be dead! Help, please, help! My baby can’t be dead.’

(The villagers come inside to see what is going on.)

Nomzabalazo Magqabi: Funxani, we are sorry to tell you, that your girlfriend is dead.

Funxani: How can God steal such a beautiful soul from me? God knows that I needed her more than He needed her.

Magqabi: Don’t blame God because He is the one who gives and He is the one who takes.

Silindile Mpempe: I think somebody must call an undertaker so that the body can be taken away
from friends and family.

Magqabi: We have already called the undertakers and they are on the way.

Mpempe: The family will be given a chance to meet before they come up with the funeral day.

Makhi Khowa: Ladies and gentlemen, we must keep quiet because the undertakers are already here.

(The two undertakers come inside the house.)

Funxani: I don’t believe that Nobubele is dead.

Magqabi: Please guys, before you do anything to her body you must ask the mortuary doctor to test Nobubele’s body and find out how she died.

Long undertaker: We will, sir.

(The undertakers take Nobubele’s body to their car.)


Tell us: Now that Nobubele is dead, do you think that will Nosihombise finally get what she wants?