(Nomvuselelo and other young women serve the women of the village food at Dilesi’s flat.)

Nomvuselelo: Nobubele, you should eat your food before you drink alcohol.

Nobubele: You know, even if I drink alcohol all the time, I will win. Funxani will divorce Nosihombise and marry me.

(Nomvuselelo put the poison in the plate before giving it to Nobubele. Nobubele didn’t notice that Nomvuselelo had powdery poison on her long nails all along.)

Nomvuselelo: Stop talking so much and eat this plate.

Nobubele: Thank you, Nomvuselelo. You are the most selfless person I have ever met, my stomach will be full and I won’t be hungry until tomorrow evening.

Noziqhamo Mbumba: Please, we must try to be quick as possible because there are still a lot of people that must still eat.

Nombambo: The rituals and ceremonies of this village are dominated by alcohol. When people are served food, they are already drunk. This also happens in funerals.

Nomvuselelo: It is true. Drunk people waste food by scattering it around. All the expensive food is wasted on the dogs of the village that are always hungry.

(Mkhaphi enters the flat.)

Mkhaphi: I just want to tell everyone that they can enjoy him or herself unlimitedly and they must know that the ceremony is over. Those who are from other villages are free to go home before the evening.


Tell us: Do you think Nomvuselelo was succesfull in killing Nobubele? How do you think everyone will react to Nobubele’s death?