(The tombstone unveiling is taking place at Dilesi’s house. The villagers of Nyibiba village are at the ceremony.)

Mkhaphi Ntonga: Good morning to everyone who came here to the tombstone unveiling of our brother, Ndlelethemba.The cow is already slaughtered and the women are cooking. I stand on behalf of the Nyawuza clan to welcome everyone who came to this ceremony. I will hand over to Dilesi, who did this work and other speakers.

Dilesi: Good morning to you all, who came to the ceremony. The reason I did this ceremony is to give a sip of a drink to my grandfather Ndlelethemba, who spoke to me on many occasions, through my dreams, saying he is thirsty. I decided to make this African beer for the Nyawuza clan and the people of Nyibiba village so that I can get more blessings and luck from my ancestors.

Mchani Nduli: Dilesi, I just want to tell you that you are blessed, and that your ancestors still talk to you. My child, I want to tell you that after this ceremony your ancestors will bless you. I want to tell the villagers that they must sing African songs and enjoy the food. The meat is enough for everyone.


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