(It’s Thursday evening and Nomvuselelo Tyhutyha and Nosihombise Gqogqa are at Nosihombise’s house.)

Nomvuselelo: My child, Yabani told me that you were looking for me.

Nosihombise: Yes, he is right, I was looking for you.

Nomvuselelo: I wish for you to tell me good news.

Nosihombise: I want to tell you that you must make sure that you put poison powder in Nobubele’s plate on Saturday during the tombstone unveiling of Ndlelethemba.

Nomvuselelo: I will try my best to kill her with the poison powder. I hope nobody will notice when I put powder poison in her food.

Nosihombise: Don’t worry because everybody will be drunk already.

Nomvuselelo: I can’t wait to see your husband back at your house. Nobubele will just have to rest in peace.

Nosihombise: My husband will give me his full salary and we will plan our future plans together. The person who destroyed my marriage and took my husband’s money will be gone forever.

Nomvuselelo: I know that you will take care of me and my children when your husband is back at your house. The black clouds will be gone in your life forever. The big snake, Nobubele, will rest in peace.

Nosihombise: Nobubele’s death will bring sadness to her family but it will bring happiness to my life. Let’s make sure we stick to our plan to kill her.


Tell us: Do you think Nosihombise and Nomvuselelo are doing the right thing?