(It’s a Wednesday evening, and Nosihombise is surprised by the presence of her husband in her house.)

Nosihombise: I am very happy to see you came to visit me during your off days. Can I prepare coffee for you?

Funxani: Coffee would be good.

Nosihombise: I wish I could put all of our marriage problems in the dust bin. I wish that we can start afresh and live a happy life. We tied the knot when I was still a teenager and God blessed us with three girls.

Funxani: I remember that I used to call you every evening. Your parents were very strict but I always made a plan to make sure that I could see you.

Nosihombise: The reason why my parents were very strict was because my parents didn’t want me to fall pregnant before marriage. If you remember after our marriage was official, you and my father became friends and spent time together. That was until my father met his untimely death.

Funxani: Your father was a very good person. He was a father figure to me and he taught me many things about life and African culture.

Nosihombise: Ever since my parents passed away, you became very abusive to me and cheated on me with more than five girls, but I would still have the power and the heart to tolerate you and give you dignity as my husband.

Funxani:The idea was not about cheating. I realised that we had lots of problems in our marriage. The main problem was the distribution of useful resources to our family members. When your sisters needed something, you made sure that we tried our best so that they could get it. However, when my own sisters needed something you always got angry and you didn’t want to help them. You didn’t give me the platform and the chance to invest in my younger sisters and brothers, so that they can look after me when I no longer have the power to work.

Nosihombise: You should have explained that to me earlier.

Funxani: All my brothers, sisters, and other extended family members told me that you have moods and a bad attitude towards other people. They think that you are somebody who undermines other people.

Nosihombise: Maybe I didn’t notice my behaviour and attitude towards other people.

Funxani: My family likes Nobubele because she is very friendly and she is always willing to help other people.

Nosihombise: Funxani, please don’t compare Nobubele with me because I am your wife and she is your girlfriend.

Funxani: I must compare the two of you because Nobubele is my future wife, whether you like it or not.

Nosihombise: You can marry her traditionally, but I won’t go to court and divorce you.

Funxani: You are wasting your time because she will give me children. I will make sure that I write her children as the people who will inherit my estate, property and other wealth when I die.

Nosihombise: Why are you doing this to me, Funxani?

Funxani: It’s because I no longer love you. I want to divorce you. I will make sure that everything that is valuable to me will be inherited by my children with Nobubele.You will be stupid in the eyes of the people of this village.’

Nosuhombise: Funxani, please, let’s stop talking about this issue because we are valid husband and wife.

Funxani: I am sorry, but I am leaving. I am already missing Nobubele.

(Funxani opens the door and leaves, while Nosihombise starts crying.)

Nosihombise: It’s fine, you can leave me, but God will come up with a plan to solve my life.


Tell us: Do you think it would be possible for Nosihombise and Fuxani to work things out in their marriage?