(It’s Monday evening. Nosihombise is sitting on the chair with two young men: Lungomzi and Dilesi Zimeleni.)

Nosihombise: I hope that you brought good news to me, rather than bad news. We are always crying in this village because of sad news.

Lungomzi: No, we didn’t bring bad news today. We came to tell you about the tombstone unveiling of our grandfather Ndlelethemba that will take place on Saturday.

Nosihombise: It’s good to remember our ancestors. When we do that, we invite more blessings and luck into our lives.

Dilesi: I chose to do the ceremony after I saw him in my dreams, telling me that he is thirsty. I had a lot of bad luck and I hope his tombstone unveiling will bring good luck into my life.

Nosihombise: You think like a mature person. I wish for your ceremony to be successful and not be affected by rain.

Dilesi: We also hope that there won’t be any rain on Saturday.

Nosihombise: God will answer your prayers.

Lungomzi: We came here to invite you. We hope you can help us in terms of preparing food and serving people from Friday until Saturday evening.

Nosihombise:The work that you are asking of me is the work that is done by married women. My husband wants to divorce me, so I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to do married women’s jobs knowing I can be divorced anytime.

Lungomzi: Don’t worry, because to us, as people of this village, you are still the wife of Mr. Funxani. We wish that one day he can come back to you and admit that he made a big mistake by leaving you.

Nosihombise: I thank both you and your family for still giving me dignity as the wife of Funxani despite problems in my marriage.

Lungomzi: I watched your hard work in this village and we wish you a happy ending in your marriage.

Nosihombise: Thank you for your words. I will make sure that I am available on both Friday and Saturday and I will work tirelessly.

Lungomzi: We must still go to other women in the village and tell them about the tombstone unveiling. Just sleep well and have a nice evening.

(Nosihombise is waving her hands.)

Nosihombise: Goodbye, my two sons.


Tell us: What do you think is going to happen at the tombstone unveiling?