(It’s Thursday afternoon. Funxani is in the office of Modern Design and Sewing Company. He is sitting on a chair and waiting to be helped by the secretary of the company, Nokuthula Sixhase. This takes place in Nyibiba town.)

Funxani: Hello, Nokuthula.

Nokuthula: Hello, Funxani.

Funxani: How are you?

Nokuthula: I am fine, and how are you?

Funxani: I am also fine and doing great.

Nokuthula: How can I help you?

Funxani: I want you guys to put badges on our construction overalls.

Nokuthula: It costs R20 to put a badge on one piece of clothing.

Funxani: My boss has 120 workers around the Eastern Cape. I want you to calculate how much it will cost to put the badges on both the jackets and the trousers of 120 people.

Nokuthula: It’s R20 multiplied by two pieces of clothing, which equals to R40. We are going to multiply R40 by 120 people. The answer is R4,800, plus R200 for delivery costs, which makes it R5,000.”

(Funxani takes money out of his pocket and gives it to Nokuthula Sixhase.)

Funxani: I think, this is R5,000 but you can double check.

(Nokuthula counts the money and puts it in her till.)

Nokuthula: Yes, you are right. This is R5,000. I will just give you a slip.

Funxani: God blessed you with nice work.

Nokuthula: Yes, he blessed me with nice work but it’s tough for me to get used to the job because I only see my parents during weekends. I start at half past eight and I work until half past five. Once I’m done with work, it’s already too late for me to take transport to Nyibiba village because the transports from Nyibiba town take four hours to Nyibiba village. In the morning, the transport from Nyibiba village starts to take people to town by six o’clock and drives for four hours to Nyibiba town. Which means if I take transport at six o’clock at Nyibiba, I will arrive at work at ten o’clock. I would be late every day and I would probably even end up being fired.

Funxani: Do you stay here in town during the week and go home during weekends?

Nokuthula: Yes, I rent a flat for R1.500 per month.

Funxani: It means that you are wasting almost R20,000 on accommodation per year?

Nokuthula: Yes.

(Funxani holds Nokuthula’s hands.)

Funxani: Nokuthula, I think you have noticed that I love you and I wanted to tell you a long time ago that I love you.

Nokuthula: I never noticed that you love me.

Funxani: It was difficult for me to express myself in the village because I am a married man. But today, I want to tell you that I love you and I think that this might be the best chance for me to show you that I love you.

(The two look in each other’s eyes very closely.)

Nokuthula: Now I’m starting to see that you love me.

Funxani: I rent a big flat during weekdays and go home during weekends. I wish you could leave your flat and come and stay with me. My boss pays for my accommodation. So, if you come and live with me, you will save the R20,000 that you rent for your flat for the whole year. I will work in this town for the next seven years. It means that I will live in my flat for the next seven years. I want to divorce my wife.

Nokuthula: Yes, I heard rumours that you want to divorce your wife and marry Nobubele.

Funxani: I was confused, when I told Nobubele that I want to marry her. I didn’t know that she likes alcohol so much. I moved out of my house and left my wife and children for her, but most of the time, she is partying. I don’t regret wanting to divorce my wife but I won’t marry Nobubele.

Nokuthula: She is spreading news that you are going to marry her.

Funxani: I don’t want to fight with these two women. I wish we could keep our love a secret. I don’t want the villagers to notice that we are in a relationship until I divorce Nosihombise.

(Nokuthula nods her head.)

Nokuthula: It’s fine, we can keep things secretive until you divorce Nosihombise.

(The two start to kiss each other.)

Funxani: During weekends, we must pretend as if we don’t know each other.

Nokuthula: I will try and act as if I don’t know you.

Funxani: I just want to know when you are going to move into my flat.

Nokuthula: I can move into your flat tonight. I will just have to organise transport to take my stuff from my flat to yours.

Funxani: There is no need for you to organise transport. I will just take the bakkie from work, put all your stuff in the bakkie and go straight to my flat.

Nokuthula: Thank you for being so kind to me, Funxani.

Funxani: I want to prove to you that I love you. I will make a dream grocery for you.

(They start to kiss each other again.)

Nokuthula:Funxani, I am still at work. You can just leave and come back at half past five to pick me up. Tonight, I am all yours.

(Funxani holds Nokuthula’s hands.)

Funxani: I want to tell you that you won’t regret the decision of accepting me in your life. I will grab this chance with both hands.

Nokuthula:It’s fine, I can see that you really love me. The minutes that we spent together have already shown me how much you love me.

Funxani: I must go back to work. I will take the clothes that need the badges on Monday. You must have a nice day.

Nokuthula: You must just go back to work. Don’t be in a hurry because tonight I am all yours.

(Nokuthula opens the door for Funxani.)

Funxani: Goodbye babes.


Tell us: Do you think Funxani is really serious about Nokuthula?