(Nosihombise and Nolumanyano are at Nosihombise’s big flat on a Sunday morning.)

Nosihombise: My child. I am very worried about you.

Nolumanyano: Why do you worry about me?

Nosihombise: I am worried because you don’t sleep at home every day, you spend too much time with Sive and you don’t even care about your school work.

Nolumanyano: I spend too much time with Sive because I love him. He promised me that he will save money and marry me soon.

Nosihombise: My child, I want you to study further and get a degree, so that you can become independent in life. I wish you could be single until you meet someone in university. Don’t trust or depend on men too much, otherwise you will be disappointed. You should learn from me: look at the way your father disappointed me.

Nolumanyano: Sive is my soulmate. We want to learn about love together, and when we get married, we won’t compare our lives to other people’s. We won’t be like you and dad.

Nosihombise: You are only sixteen years old. If you become pregnant and quit school, you will struggle to get a good job. And, if your relationship doesn’t last, you will regret all the time you spent with Sive.

Nolumanyano: Mom, I trust Sive a lot. He told me that after one year, he wants to go to Cape Town and do a building course before working for the Fine Builders project. He even motivates me to do distance learning education until I finish my grade twelve.

Nosihombise: It’s fine. I can see that my future son-in-law is very clever and he gives you good advice about life.

Nolumanyano: He is very talented and clever. I feel very lucky to have him in my life.

Nosihombise: Your father will see me as a good wife when Sive pays wedding gifts for you. He might change forever and never leave me again.

Nolumanyano: I also hope that my marriage to Sive can unite my parents forever.

Nosihombise: I won’t lie to you, something like that isn’t very possible. Your father’s family members have a big influence in his decision to divorce me.

Nolumanyano: What do you mean?

Nosihombise: They compare the way your father used to spoil them before he tied the knot with me. They are spreading rumours that I am a stingy person and I changed your father to be a stingy person, too. Others are even spreading rumours that I have moods.

Nolumanyano:They are just jealous of you. They forget that when my father used to spoil them a lot he didn’t have children, and now he has three children that he must support.

Nosihombise: The only thing that really surprises me is that those people that were helped by your father don’t come back and buy his children some gifts, like Christmas clothes and birthday presents.

Nolumanyano: People forget easily. I think some of the family members want Nobubele to be my father’s wife. They all said that she cooks delicious food. I wish my marriage to Sive can improve your image and show that you are a parent who raised her children very well.

Nosihombise: I also hope that the chaos in this family can stop.

(Nosihombise hugs Nolumanyano.)


Tell us: Do you think that Nolumanyano and Sive’s relationship will mirror Nosihombise and Funxani’s?