(Nosihombise Gqogqa and Nomvuselelo Tyhutyha are at Nosihombise’s flat. The two women are sharing a Coca-Cola after clearing weeds in Nosihombise’s garden that afternoon.)

Nosihombise: Nomvuselelo, this village is filled with cruel people. Especially heartless girls and women. I wonder how I would survive without you in this village. You have been very helpful to me.

Nomvuselelo: Don’t give up, things will turn right in your life.

Nosihombise: I have already given up on my dreams, and my marriage to my long term sweetheart is over because things are so complicated.

Nomvuselelo: Why have you given up so easily? You and your husband share a great history together, and you are blessed with three beautiful children.

Nosihombise: My husband used to cheat secretively, but now he doesn’t try to hide it. He stays away from home, for two months, living with his girlfriend.

(Nomvuselelo hugs Nosihombise.)

Nomvuselelo: Don’t cry, when he comes back, he will stay with you for the rest of his life. Things will be back to normal.

Nosihombise: I want to go to Cape Town and leave this village, so that I can find a job with a good salary. It hurts me to see Nobubele building a big house with my husband’s money.

Nomvuselelo: Don’t run away from your problems. The money that you earn from small jobs might solve all of your problems. Nobubele is the only person that is causing problems in your life. We must make a plan to make sure that she is dead, so that you can win your husband back.

Nosihombise: We are too far away from her to make her mentally ill so that she can look like a disgrace before my husband. There are no longer African traditional healers who can give us African medicine to kill her, so something like that will be very difficult.

Nomvuselelo: My advice to you is that we can kill her by mixing poison powder into her food. We can do this, during the African rituals, that unite the people of Nyibiba village.

Nosihombise: She’s blood curdling and nervous when she’s around me. She will never accept food from me.

Nomvuselelo: You are right. She will never relax or trust you, because she knows that she broke your heart.

Nosihombise: She is very clever and alert. Especially towards her enemies.

Nomvuselelo: She doesn’t know that we are very close to each other. I can carry the poison powder with me to Ndlelethemba Zimeleni’s tombstone unveiling. I will make sure to put the poison in my nails and then put this, slyly, in her plate so that we can kill her within a few hours.

(Nosihombise hugs Nomvuselelo.)

Nosihombise: Thank you for coming up with a plan that will kill my enemy.

Nomvuselelo: I want to do this because I love and care about you.


Tell us: Do you think planning to kill someone is the right way of solving your problems?