Mbonani enters the house through the kitchen. Gatjeni looks ashamed after Chikwambani faced him. Mbonani interrupts and in walks S’khwihli, a friend of Mbonani’s.

MBONANI: Madekhethu! How did you survive wena msana?

S’KHWIHLI: Hey boy, answer my question. How did you survive the storm of Dineo?

CHIKWAMBANI: Please, please don’t kill me.

S’KHWIHLI: Wat se jy papie? (What did you say?) Please, please my foot.

CHIKWAMBANI: You already killed my friend Benson and his family.

S’KHWIHLI: That’s not our business, whether they are dead or alive.

GATJENI: Kahleni madoda (Wait man) are you insane, you’re the ones who are killing innocent people.

S’KHWIHLI: Heyi wena (Hey you). We are going to kill all these kwerekwere’s here.

CHIKWAMBANI: What have we done to you?

MBONANI: You left your dry country, came here to bother us by taking our jobs, women, corrupting us, practicing witchcraft and leaving us with diseases.

CHIKWAMBANI: We didn’t take anyone’s job, we are selling our own things to those in need of them.

MBONANI: Yewena nja! (You dog!) Wat se jy? (What did you say?) What about your brother who works for a building construction companies, don’t you see that’s our jobs?

CHIKWAMBANI: Mbonyani, what must we do if you don’t want to work for R50 per day?

MBONANI: What are you saying, who’s Mbonyani?

S’KHWIHLI: He asked how you are?

MBONANI: Mbonyani he’s mad, you are mad wena Chi…chi…Chikwambani ndina. I am Mbonani ngingu Mbonani. What is Mbonyani? Ngingu Mgidi uMasemula ungulube azembelani yembela enye (giving praises). You boy, can you hear this arha-manyou kwerekwere you don’t have morals, that’s why you are all over.

S’KHWIHLI: Let’s kill him Mbonani.

CHIKWAMBANI: Really? Do you want to kill me, kill me like you killed my friend and his lovely family but you Mbonyani…

MBONANI: Hey! Who’s Mbonyani, Mbonyani my foot man! I am Mbonani from Ndzundza South Ndebele of Musi kaMhlanga, proudly South African.

CHIKWAMBANI: But Mbonanyi, do I have a sin to you?

GATJENI: We madoda, can you please stop this. I said stop it.

MBONANI: Look here boy, don’t you know that coming to South Africa without a valid documentary is a sin?

S’KHWIHLI: Coming to our South Africa with a crocodile is an offense Chikwambani. Why don’t you familiarise yourself with South African laws before you can come here?

Mbonani and S’khwihli laugh.

MBONANI: Chikwambani let me tell you why I killed your friend.

S’KHWIHLI: Because he’s selling drugs to our school kids and prostitutes our young girls.

MBONANI: Innocent girls, not only the young.

CHIKWAMBANI: If so, you South African’s deserve to die because you rape and get involved in various crime.

S’KHWIHLI: Chikwambani, how come you survived?

CHIKWAMBANI: What do you want from me, so that I can give it to you?

S’khwihli, Mbonani and Gatjeni laugh louder and claps their hands.

S’KHWIHLI: You think I can want something from you kwerekwere, you smell like…

CHIKWAMBANI: Let me remind you S’khwihli, do you remember the time you begged me to borrow you money?

S’KHWIHLI: Yes. You made us bankrupt with your kwerekwere muti.

CHIKWAMBANI: What muti nx! You are insane! I turned you into a human by fixing your torn shoes and clothes because your dirty heart makes you to suffer.

MBONANI: You are all genius you kwerekwere when compare to us right?

CHIKWAMBANI: No, but we’re hard workers.

S’KHWIHLI: Hard worker my foot. Why don’t you become hard workers in your own country?

CHIKWAMBANI: My brother’s after all we shared together, today you want to kill me?

MBONANI: If we don’t kill you now then we have to arrange you transport.


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