Chikwambani, a Malawian living in South Africa, is running towards his friend’s house, Gatjeni. He’s breathing heavily and opens the door to Gatjeni’s house in such a rush that Gatjeni spins around in shock.

CHIKWAMBANI: They murdered him! They murdered him.

GATJENI: (shocked) Ubani obulewe manje Chimililo? (Who got murdered now?)

Chikwambani is struggling to breathe. He tries to calm himself somehow.



CHIKWAMBANI: Okay. Is that all you can say?

GATJENI: No, no.


GATJENI: Keep calm Chikwambani. I don’t know you like this, you look scared.

Chikwambani starts crying.

CHIKWAMBANI: They murdered my friend Benson

GATJENI: Benson? You never told me about him before, who is he?

CHIKWAMBANI: Of course, because you know the man.

GATJENI: I know the man?

CHIKWAMBANI: Yes! He was a good man. A man who loved peace but…

GATJENI: Wait Chikwambani, you said I know him.

CHIKWAMBANI: He lived down there next to the bridge of Kameel Rivier. He used to own a salon. Every lady of our location loved his salon, even your wife.

GATJENI: Oooh…I remember now. He was quite a gentleman.

CHIKWAMBANI: He was good, right?

GATJENI: He really was. He even came to my late mom’s funeral last year, bringing some vegetables.

CHIKWAMBANI: So, this is how you thank him?

GATJENI: Chikwambani.

CHIKWAMBANI: Don’t…don’t Chikwambani me. Answer my question.

GATJENI: That guy, he used to speak about God a lot and share scriptures. Since I was not really good with my scriptures, he really helped me to understand it.

CHIKWAMBANI: But look what you did to him, just look how you thank him.

GATJENI: Wait Chikwambani, take it easy.

CHIKWAMBANI: Wait for what?

GATJENI: Chikwambani honestly, you are shooting the wrong person now, who killed Benson?

CHIKWAMBANI: Gatjeni what was his sin? I don’t want you to tell me that his sin is that he is a foreigner. He wasn’t a South African citizen, oh my God.

GATJENI: No, no. Not at all my brother.

CHIKWAMBANI: No what then? You know what Gatjeni, I’ve been trusting you, but now you show me your true colours. You’re just like your fellow brothers who killed the man of God, my friend from another mother.

GATJENI: No, that’s not the truth Chikwambani.

CHIKWAMBANI: Please Gatjeni, tell me, did he deserve to die because he is not a South African?

GATJENI: Brother no, I mean no one deserves to die, especially in this country, not even on this continent of ours because we are all come from African soil.

CHIKWAMBANI: So why did he deserve to die? Why are you the only ones against our soul, why we are victim of this nonsense?

GATJENI: Benson was killed.

CHIKWAMBANI: What was Benson’s sin, what wrong did he do?

GATJENI: Chikwambani please. Right now you are here, please don’t be afraid trust me for once. I promise…

CHIKWAMBANI: What do you promise?

GATJENI: That no one will ever touch you in the name of xenophobia, otherwise they must come through me.

CHIKWAMBANI: Really do you promise, like you swear to God?

GATJENI: Trust my words my brother.


Tell us: Do you think Gatjeni can protect Chikwambani if they come after him?