I’ve always thought that my parents told me this because they had thought I was too immature to know what love felt like, or what it was. But as I grew older and became wiser, experiencing breakups; what they had said begun to make sense.

It’s not that I was too immature or too young to know what love is. No. It’s the fact that I was too fragile to handle the pain of heart break at such a young age. Our hearts are not mature enough to withstand such a tremendous amount of pain. Our minds are not mentally strong enough to give us the ammunition we need.

Our way of thinking can dominate our emotions. But I am not saying that we are dumb or slow in thinking, but we are in fact stupidly young. We tend to turn to suicide or think that our world is at its end after experiencing one breakup. We are not mentally strong enough to understand that life goes on. The world doesn’t stop rotating when we decide to quit and stop moving forward. We are too young to want to be this damaged.


Tell us: How old were you when you first fell in love?