My mother is my rock and pride. I live only because of her. I came to South Africa when I was only three and my mom’s sister took care of me and looked after me for twelve years. I was a trouble maker but still she believed in me, I’m lucky to have her as my mom. I want to study further and become a businesswoman or a beauty therapist and buy her a house to thank her. I wish someone could sponsor me then I would make my family proud.

I have three siblings and I’m the second born. I have many friends and we fight but we always make up. My friend’s mom is a single mother just like mine. It wasn’t easy for them to look after us but they are encouraging us. Young women, I see a bright future ahead of us! I believe in God that someone will help us. When God’s servant speaks forth the wise listen. Remember to be brave. We might break but we can stand up again.


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