Most of the times when we are overwhelmed by the issues of life we often go on asking ourselves, “Why me?” We adapt in that self-pity syndrome, blocking every positive thing that might be present in our disposal as we are busy throwing a pity party.

As soon as we pay attention into disappointments or failures, we often want to jump off the ship.

Have we ever asked ourselves this question: “If I jump off my own ship, won’t it sink?” Naturally it will, as the captain will be out in the sea wondering, drowning and in danger of being attacked by the sharks.

Jumping off the ship is never an option. The captain hustles, grinds and drives his/her own ship until it gets to the sea-shore. Once it gets there, that is not the end of the journey. He or she continues with the journey of life while concentrating on the positive side. Yes, there will be waves, winds, rains and storms. However, when you know your goals, you press on.

Be the captain for your ship. Don’t ask validation from the world. You owe it to yourself to stand firm and do even much better than yesterday.

Each day is a new day. Stand up. Push. Keep strong. And WIN!

Go on Captain!


Tell us: How do you deal with life challenges?