Single means “alone”. The term is being used a lot lately, it’s like our new norm. However, these are mothers who love and nurture their children. I don’t understand the classification whereby they have to label single mothers because they have the same duties and abilities, the difference is they are doing all the work alone, without the help of the other parent.

Reasons may vary, the other parent may be dead, or maybe there was a divorce or a separation. However, they are still mothers who love unconditionally and that is a full-time job for each and every parent, and it comes with a lot of sacrifices and challenges.

We all want the best for our children and as mothers it’s our job to teach children the principles of life, which are love, respect and growth. As a woman you ought to become the better version of yourself. As a parent you also need to lead by example so that your children can learn from you.

The strength of a woman can go beyond measurements, it is unlimited. Boss up mentally, financially, physically. Remember to teach love towards your children. It’s time we end generational curses of single mothers who are labelled bitter. They are mothers just like any other woman raising their children with both parties involved. After all, mothers are striving for the best for their children. Let’s stop labelling, we are all phenomenal women, we’re all pioneers.


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