Here I am, sitting on top of my bed, wondering about us human beings. We see a person who is fine physically, and instantly assume that all is well. We like to judge before we even hear the story.

Why are we like this? We have made certain answers for some questions a norm. We have questions such as the “how are you?” question, which a person responding must respond by saying “fine”, even if he/she is really not. Why are we not allowed to fully express ourselves? There are multiple personalities in the world, but people do not fully express them because people are afraid of “not fitting in”.

People are only used to introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts. We are forced to fit into boxes that society has created for us. Society has become fake to a point where living is no longer enjoyable. We are suffocated by so-called norms. We are scared to live our lives, and many of us end up losing our authentic self. We cannot say or do whatever we want, whenever we want to, and everything we say or do must be rehearsed and calculated.

If a person is kind, sweet, selfless, and friendly, he is deemed as “boring”, “uncool”, and “weird”. Whereas, when you are rude, mean, and speak using vulgar words, you are seen as cool and powerful. Society is misleading us and we are doing nothing about it.

Are we not good enough? Why do we fear being judged, being labelled, and not fitting in? I wonder when all of this is going to end. Why are we not taking a stand against this? Let us create a society where everyone comfortably fits in.