Happy Women’s Day! Today is your day to shine. Shine through the stars of tomorrow.

The stars are dazzling at me. It is your day to shine and be amongst the elite of this world, world of corruption, world of pain. I’m saying to women this is your month to be bright like the sun, your pain cannot be shared but it can be stopped. We love, we hate, we die, but women, you are something else you give us life. Women, your time is here to rise and conquer hate among us.

To women, you give us life to look at. I give you sperm and you give me a baby. I give you a house while you give me a home, a home that is precious; home sweet home. I give you my heart while you give me love, love that is precious and amazing.

You have the capabilities to change this place. You materialise love, love that is warm and wonderful. You reflect love as its own. Women, I’m saying your time is here to be the moonlight of tomorrow. The truth is that we have failed you precious flowers of Eden. Eden my brother, I’m looking at you for guidance and hope.

Women are the keys to our future, sometimes we annoy them but they get the best of us. My brothers, let us endure our hatred and help the women that we love. Wathint’ abafazi wathint’ imbokodo. You have touched a women you have touched a rock. Women love yourselves like there is no tomorrow. I love you all my flowers of Eden. I love you all.

My brothers and my sisters, it is time for us to be joyful and be inspirational. Let us love the women who set us free and teaches us endurance to do the greater good for humanity. The flowers of Eden are shining everyday while we are dimming close to hell and its flames.

Women, love yourselves like there is no tomorrow, I love you.


Tell us: How will you show love and respect to women to celebrate Women’s Day?