South Africa is like water poured in a bucket; a bucket that is filled with womens’ tears of great endurance and unbearable slavery. A bucket crammed with the insolence of men. I know that that when a man glares at a female I immediately smell volatile blood and sense the beginning of an outrageous journey; the start of a woman’s endurance. Once a victim realises that they are afraid to show that they are suffering and to realise that they need help. They are afraid they will start to feel undesirable because of the threats and spiteful words of a monster constantly reminding them. Many women are murmering and stammering because deep down they are struggling to conceal a tragedy that they are encountering in their lives.

I want to ask a curious question to men and the question is why? Why make a choice of being a monster towards your daughter, women, wife, and a mother. Why show her your dark side, that is filled with hatred, anger and jealousy? Why make her experience your past predicaments that you might have gotten yourself into…why didn’t you choose to heal first before claiming that you love her. Instead, you choose not to be authentic, you choose to lose your integrity as the man of house.

You shouldn’t call yourself a man because you are far from that, but instead call yourself a little boy who hasn’t yet gained a mature mindset to think like a man, because all you ever do is burden innocent and defenceless women with your frustration and ancient predicaments of anger.

For women who have experienced such outrageous tragedy and insolent behaviour from men, don’t lose your delight that you once had before you came across a predator and don’t give him the satisfaction, because they are the delegates of monsters. You may not be able to erase the marks and scars that the monster has marked you with. But you can show other victims how you have gained your potency back, because the more you show yourself, the more you remove the feeble feeling in your life and the more you heal from the inside, overcoming the terror you have been through.

Choose to take a massive stand as a victim and enlist other victims; help them find themselves again. Help them surpass their terror. Inspire them to express their feelings and introspections, as it is a first step of not bottling things up. Help them gain an optimistic mindset that tomorrow could be a different day and they must stop blaming themselves. In the end we have to engage and do something commendable for women: that is to end the terror of abuse forever.


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