Is it new the classmates that changed our friendship? Because I had no choice, that is how our school does stuff. Is it because of my boring advice when I said he’d distract you? Or when I said he’d change you? Did I get boring? Did I act all “innocent, nerdy and clever,” as you would say? I was only trying to help.

Was it because you were richer than me? Was I just jealous and after your parents’ pockets as your new best friend would say? Not living in the suburbs doesn’t make me poor. What happened between us, bestie?
Was it because I was real and honest with you? I told you the truth as it was rather than the lies that your new fake friends would tell you. Your new friends always say, “Friend, make-up looks good on you and wow look at how amazing that dress fits you.” I would have been honest and told you that you were naturally beautiful and that dress was too tight and revealing. You just never deserved me as your friend.
Why did I have to text you first? It was just unfair to me and my heart was aching, a heart that you, by the way, broke into a million pieces. But I’m over crying over you. I keep telling myself I’ll eventually forget about you, the memories and your laughter. You had become a part of me, but then you chose to leave me. I just knew some of your Facebook posts were meant for me. “Can ex-bestie please leave me alone,” one of the posts read. I knew they were written for my eyes to see and my heart to take in. And yes, the heart you tried to trash, still shines bright like the sun. I may cry but my heart will forever love and cherish you.
I’ll be there the day they hurt you and that seems to be pretty soon by the way. But that’s none of my business since we aren’t best friends anymore. Remember when you used to brag about how great your day was with your new best friends and that you guys tried smoking and you chocked on your first cigarette? Well today allow me to do something I rarely do and brag. Since you threw me out of your life like trash, somebody else picked me up as a treasure.

It’s true when they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. I found a new friend who understands me. She relates to me and gives me good advice. She’s a shoulder to cry on. She’s honest and loving. She never forgets to text me and loves my jokes. She’s the true definition of ‘best friend’. It’s also true what they say, “God removes people in your life to add even better people”. I just witnessed that and it kind of feels good.

Remember what you got me on my birthday? Nothing. But remember what I got you on yours? I got you a lot of things. I’m not holding grudges or anything but I’m stating facts. I promise that I may still love and have forgiven you, and I assure you that we can be friends again, but I could never trust you again.

Do you know how much you meant to me? Just please be better to the next loyal girl you call your best friend. It hurts to see you with them. But then I just figured out that I could live without you. Girl, you disappointed me! You, out of all people, fell for peer pressure? But I guess that’s life.

I guess it’s true when they say, “Feelings fade, but memories don’t”. Your love for me may have faded but the memories will stay stick in your head and my laugh will forever haunt you.

Love from your best friend, or should I say your ex-best friend…


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