When I wake up every morning, seeing the light and the birds singing their hypnotic songs, flying from tree to tree, I feel confident knowing that I will go out there to face the world without anyone abusing my rights and my dignity. The dignity of a human is not only a fundamental right itself, but constitutes the basis of fundamental rights in international law.

Without the human dignity, none of the protections of the various human legal rights mechanism can have real meaning. No one can be free to exercise their freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of religion, or freedom of choice and more if his right of dignity is violated. The respecting of one’s dignity builds reunion and the healing in his soul, which thereafter builds enthusiastic confidence in his life.

Reflecting from South African history, the dignity of some African people was violated. The violation of their right of human dignity caused huge problems in our society. As a result, some of the African people are still victims even today. I’ll tell you how. In our jails, there are an alarming number of prisoners who are charged every day for brutally beating other people. Others are charged of sexually abusing, kidnapping, and murder. Cases are opened every day for people who are failing to respect a right of human dignity. Though charges are extremely tense for people who are violating other’s rights, they are still doing it. I think this is because people are slowly migrating from the ancient violent empire. I believe that as time goes by, everyone will be aware that other’s rights must be respected and protected.

Nature and poverty does violate human rights and dignity. Every living human being has a right to a safe home. What happens if one of the natural forces destroy homes? We can’t argue about that because no one can torture or stop the nature from what it does. When a person is unemployed, he has no source of income and he can’t build a home for himself. He even can’t buy food to eat, so we find him on eating on the dump sites. Aren’t his rights and dignity being violated by poverty? Yes his rights are violated.

The world at large is fighting for equal rights and the respect of human dignity, but I swear, we won’t win the battle if poverty and the lack of proper education is still killing our people.