Death is tragic to many people, but it doesn’t really need to be, I believe death should be celebrated. Here are my reasons; I believe death separates the good and the bad. We all know that saying of, “The good die young,” I believe heaven is like paradise and God takes all the good people from us so they can go and enjoy their lives in heaven. So, they can live a stress free life, a life with everything they need and want.

We should be grateful that God finally noticed the goodness in the people who left us (died),
I believe living on Earth is just a test and most of us don’t realize that. You will find that people we all hate, I mean people who do all sorts of evil live longer, why is that so? God wants them to suffer on Earth until He sees that it’s enough and they’ve learnt their lesson.

So why do we cry when people go to paradise?
Why do we cry when people go to live their dream lives?
We should celebrate them. Celebrate the time we were able to spend with them


Tell us: Why should we celebrate death?