Once upon a time in the African Savannah there lived a beautiful giraffe named Jeremy.

Jeremy had beautiful brown spots, a stumpy tail, a short neck and 2 small horns.

Jeremy was a mean giraffe who always teased everyone and boasted to everyone. He teased Elly the elephant because of her long trunk. He teased Zebey the zebra because of her weird black and white stripes. He also always told everyone about how beautiful he was. Nobody liked Jeremy.

One day Jeremy went to a water hole to have a drink of water. While he was drinking water, Kevin the crocodile sneaked up on Jeremy and grabbed Jeremy by his horns. Kevin immediately began to pull on Jeremy’s horns. Jeremy who figured out Kevin was not playing also started pulling. Jeremy and Kevin pulled and pulled and pulled and finally Jeremy won and ran all the way home.

When Jeremy got home all of the other animals were staring and laughing at Jeremy. All of the animals who saw Jeremy called other animals and they too stared and laughed at Jeremy too. Jeremy could not stand them laughing at him, this made him very angry.

“What is wrong with me!” asked Jeremy.

All of the animals shouted at him: “Your neck is the longest in the African Savannah!”

Jeremy did not like his neck to be so long but he finally got used to it. He then began treating all of the animals fairly and he never boasted and teased again.

The lesson in this story is that you should never boast or tease.