There are a lot of people who want to be successful, but tend to fail on their way to success. Others dream of success without even trying different ways of achieving it. There are even those who just envy other people’s success without researching how they achieved it. There are even people who are OK with not being successful because they never thought success was for them.

Such people do not dream big about their lives. They do not see themselves elsewhere. They just see life as waiting to see what the day brings.

Here is the thing, we need to know that every person, including yourself, deserves success in life. Most people are not successful because they do not see their lives as being of great value. Most people think that to be successful, other people need to make it happen for them, forgetting that they need to work to be successful.

They don’t think that they could make a difference in their lives with what they have. Others even think they need to be from well to do families for them to be successful, forgetting that they themselves can transform their lives to be rich.

Others are not successful because they only focus on what their friends say about them. In a true sense, not all our friends say good things to us, they do not motivate us, encourage us or tell us that we have potential of being successful. Most of them just focus on themselves and on their lives.

What you have to know is that everyone is mandated to be successful. In the Holy Bible and Quran, the scriptures do not say that there are only a certain amount of people on earth who deserve to be successful – everyone is successful.

So if you want success, start working towards it by reading and meditating about successful people that are associated with your goal and learn from them. Success is for everyone, and it is achievable with hard work and commitment.


Tell us: Do you believe that success is attainable for everyone? What’s your definition of success?