I live in Manenberg with my grandmother and my mom. We stay near Silver Stream high school. I can go out to visit my friends in the afternoon, but I can never stay out too long. Every afternoon I will go outside to see my close friend and sometimes we’ll do our homework together. It’s not safe to stay out too long.

Many gangs in Manenberg don’t care about other people and their children. It’s unsafe to play outside and it’s unsafe to walk around. If you want go to the shop then you must run, you don’t still stand there, you just go. I don’t feel safe there. It’s like war there, you can’t get out. The gangs are very powerful. Many of them are rich and strong. We like to play outside fun staff.

These are my own thoughts. This is for the gangs out there; you need to stop with the stuff that you are busy with. I don’t feel safe in Manenberg. I want to leave this place .They don’t care about how you feel. It is like you just want to go to Sutherland. I feel like the world is upside down.

I can’t even sleep. The criminals creep like a mouse running in the dark. If you date a friend or boyfriend you also will feel unsafe. Sometimes the gangster will do anything just to be with you. That’s also unsafe. You need to pray to God for his blessings upon your life. Be safe at home, school, or anywhere else.

For example, like me, Laecricia Joubert I smoke hookah pipe. For me it’s unsafe, and I don’t know how to stop it. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I’m heartbroken, and sometimes I’m unhappy because being unsafe is not a good idea. Please don’t try this unsafe activities at home or school. I love school, but sometimes it’s very dangerous.

Friends live, but just remember. Life goes on; people sometimes put their lives at risk feeling unsafe. It is now very dangerous in Manenberg, but Manenberg is also a nice place to live and around the world places are cruel. Manenberg is not a bad place it is also a place to tour and to see very good stuff and bad. Many gangs are not scared of anyone in the community and people are dead because of the gangs shooting in the community.

Sometimes it is very still, it is just for now I felt unsafe when I was by my friend. They must make peace. The road must clear .The gangs must go to another world. We can make a better place. We need stand up against the gangs, you must not give up on your dreams.

Love is love, hate is hate. Sorry gangs you make you late. Manenberg is very cool and good. There are good and bad days. Not all of Manenberg’s people are good and not all are bad.