She was the best thing that could happen to anyone. She was a wife, a mom, a sister, an aunt, a grandma and a friend. Nobody could ever replace her. The way she did things was unbelievable, it was as if she was an angel sent by God to heal people. She knew what to say when a problem arose.

Everything was perfect until that one day. Everything changed, it felt like the earth had come to an end. What still remains is that question of “Why her”? The way she left was unbelievable, unrealistic and questionable because even today nobody understands what really happened.

One moment everything was good, the next it wasn’t, but why her is the question on our minds. One thing we have accepted is that she was an angel from above. Death took her away from us and it left a void in our hearts, which is filled with memories she left.

One thing we know is that we made memories which we will always cherish forever. These memories are the best thing she left us with and also the lessons she taught us are the best advice to take when a problem arises.

Rest in peace mom. We will always love and miss you as the days pass. You were our everything and you will always be. You are in our hearts and minds, we can never forget you.

“Have you ever lost someone close to you in a questionable way?”


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