I was walking home by myself in the dark. I couldn’t very well; it was dark everywhere but I still could hear voices screaming out loud in my ears.

I had just left a bar where I was having a good time drinking alcohol with my friends. But then it was almost morning and I remember walking home alone.

On my way I met a pastor and he greeted me.

“How are you my son?” he said. He went on to tell me that I should turn my life around and stop drinking; that alcohol is a waste of time and life.
“Who are who to tell me that old man? I don’t even know you so get lost!” I told him.

I walked on and was crossing the road, happily singing that it was Friday. That was the last thing I remember.

When I opened my eyes I found that I was in a hospital and was told that I was knocked by a car trying to cross the road. I then saw my family entering the hospital room.

“Sipho, what were you thinking crossing a freeway drunk?” my mother asked.

“I am sorry mama,”

“Don’t ever do that to us Sipho, we almost lost you my boy.”

They had brought me food and the next thing they were gone. I got some sleep because I was still feeling a bit of pain. “Stop alcohol and turn your life around,” I heard the pastor say. I woke up frightened, thinking the dream was real.

After two weeks I got discharged from the hospital.

I still asked myself why I was still having one strange dream every day. I went to that pastor, he used to stand on the road and preach. I told him about my dream.

“Boy, that is a vision. You need to be cleansed and give yourself to God. He wants to use you in his special plans; you are very lucky. Remember you have a great gift.”

I then started praying to God and asked for forgiveness by repenting all my sins. I stopped drinking and became a member of a church. I helped in voluntary and charity programmes.

Today I now live my life spiritually. I am known as “Pastor” and help people who are lost and seek God.