Prince Bhekumuzi lived in the outskirts of KwaZulu-Natal. His religious family was wealthy and they also believed in ancestors. The prince met a beautiful girl, Nonjabulo, from school. This young girl came from a poor but strict family. They had a good time together and they loved each other unconditionally regardless. The prince gave Nonjabulo a necklace as a token of love.

“Keep it and always have it wherever you go,” said Prince Bhekumuzi. In no time, the royal family found that the prince was seeing someone and they were not pleased.

“Stop seeing that girl! She comes from a poor family and she’s after our money. A prince marries a person with royal blood!” said the family.
Prince Bhekumuzi asked Nonjabulo to come for a dinner at the royal palace but things didn’t go well because the royal family did not like Nonjabulo.

She felt bad and ran away before the dinner started and locked herself in her room until her mother noticed that something was wrong. It was late too because Nonjabulo was already pregnant. She felt like she was an embarrassment to the family then she packed her belongings and ran away in the middle of the night.

The next morning Prince Bhekumuzi went to see his girlfriend to see how she was doing after what had happened at the dinner table only to find out that his soulmate was gone. He felt bad and he was angry towards his family.

Nonjabulo ran to another village and met an old granny who took her in until she gave birth. She named him Mandla. Unfortunately, Nonjabulo passed on after labour. Then Mandla was raised by that old granny.
Then twenty years later the prince became the king, and had a new wife. They were very happy together and the people really appreciated them. They ruled peacefully and the community felt safe and happy.

Things had changed when they couldn’t have any children to take over the throne in the future. The king thought that the problem was with the wife and he took another wife. The same problem occurred they can’t have children. The king consulted a sangoma.

“My king, you do have a son but you abandoned him some decades ago!” The king was flabbergasted and told his family what the traditional healer had said. They were shocked, they tried to find this so-called ‘son’ but failed.

One morning a guest arrived at the palace looking for a job. He was hired as the king’s guard. The king became very close with this guard as they liked each other. They even shared their life stories with each other. The guard’s name was Mandla.

The king became curious about the guard because he was not from that community.
“I came here looking for a job because I am an orphan. I don’t know my parents but all I know is that my mother died after giving birth to me and her name was Nonjabulo,” Mandla said.
The name Nonjabulo rang bell but he thought that it couldn’t be the Nonjabulo he knew some years back.

The next day, the king was attacked by some rebels who tried to kill him but Mandla saved him. He managed to conquer ten men and the king became very happy.

He asked Mandla, “How did you manage to conquer ten men alone?”

“The granny that raised me gave me a necklace that belonged to my mother, which my mother got from my father. So wherever I go with this my mom will be with me and help me conquer anything,” replied Mandla, showing the king his necklace. King Bhekumuzi took it and placed it near his heart. Tears rolled down his cheeks and his eyes lit up with joy.

“Thank you, Nonjabulo!” he said, kissing the necklace.

“What are you doing my king?” asked Mandla shocked.

“Don’t call me your king. I am your father. I gave this necklace to your mother, which means that I am your father.” The king moved towards Mandla for a warm embrace. He was ecstatic to see his son and took this matter to his family who were just as happy.

Then King Bhekumuzi introduced Mandla to the ancestors during a huge ceremony and welcomed him into the family. He got a new name ‘Prince Mnqobi’. The villagers were happy to finally have a prince in their land but Prince Mnqobi was not happy because of what they did to his mother but later forgave them.

A few years later the king started getting sick on his death bed. He called the prince and told him, “You have made me proud of you my son! Take this spear and rule this land of your forefathers. Now I can die in peace knowing that there is someone to take over the throne.”
King Bhekumuzi then shut his eyes for eternity.

Prince Mnqobi was initiated and made the king of the land. There was peace with the new king in throne. People rejoiced and they lived happily ever after.


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