Inspired by “Damn! I slept With My Cousin”

I made an entry to a party I was invited to with my friends. It was jam packed! By rough calculations, girls were dominant over guys. We went to the table where all kind of liquids were and we had freedom to choose.

I snatched a plastic glass and filled it with orange juice. I wasn’t a saint, but I decided not to take in alcohol that night. Well, actually, circumstances dictated it. I had thrown up the whole day and I had no intention of disturbing my stomach which was flopping and growling. From time to time, I sat on the nearby chairs, being a party pooper. I regretted going to the party.

My friends were all high and hyper and they dragged me by the hand to the dance floor. They knew how I hated dancing in a crowd. I only danced when I was on focus. The master of spin was dropping crazy beats that automatically made my feet tap on the floor. I finally gave up and went with the beat. It was, indeed, unbearable. Was it sick or was it sick? Music drugged me.

A girl, about an inch shorter than me, came to dance with me. I felt her hands exploring every inch of my body. She snaked me with her hands and she was very close to me. It was steamy! I was ecstatic, but I couldn’t handle it any longer. I wasn’t a robot. A tent was forming in my pants. To save myself from humiliation, I excused myself and went out with my drink.

I arrived outside and took a deep breath, trying to calm the angry little man between my thighs. Luckily, he was obedient. The wind was very chilled. I fished my phone out of my pocket and messed with the keyboard, putting the cup on the table next to me. The beat from inside was pulling me back. One doesn’t simply leave a party as smoking as that one.

Someone came and joined me. It was a girl with brown skin, clean teeth and alcoholic breath. The moon was breaking through and shining on her hair. She had love bites all over her neck and she was very obviously flirting with me. I, for once, felt like a girl. I needed someone to bail me out. The flowers next to me withered.

I excused myself and went to the washroom. My stomach kicked in and I struggled to stand. What was left in my stomach escaped through my mouth like a thug on the seventeenth floor window caught stealing. I drank water straight from the tap and rinsed my mouth. I flossed my teeth with dental floss that never left my pockets. I went back to where I had been and the girl was still there. I apologized for being too long in the washroom. I took the glass on the table and poured the liquid down my throat.

The girl was rather nice but distant, unlike earlier. She kept nodding to whatever I was saying and checking the time on the watch wrapped around her wrist and eyeing my glass. If she wants juice, she’d better get her own, I thought to myself. She moved closer to me and started all over again. I was beginning to feel powerful. I listened carefully to my blood overflowing in my veins. The world was spinning.

I felt the bright material shining on my face and it was hard to open my eyes. I guess I was hammered. I finally opened my eyes and went pale when I saw where I was! I was stark naked and alone under the sheets. I stretched my neck, inspecting the room. My clothes were scattered around and the used condoms were all over the bed. “Oh no! No! No! No!” I silently screamed. I found the note on the bedside table on which was written: “You were tons of fun last night. Call me for a second round.” I died there and then.

The previous night’s events shuffled through my mind like a deck of cards in the hands of a Las Vegas dealer. I had left my glass of juice unattended when I visited the washroom!


Tell us: Has this ever happened to you?