Who are you most loyal to? At first I think most of us will say “I’m most loyal to myself” right? Isn’t that what most of us think, or would often like to think. Anyway this is just another thought in my head. Been having a lot of those lately, but honesty to oneself is important. I mean you can’t be honest and real to anyone until you’re honest with yourself. At least that’s what I think.

So, back to loyalty. Truth be told, often we are the last people we are most loyal to. I hate to admit it but I have had those moments. I like someone or something and most probably want to pursue it with all of my being then just when I’m about to go for it – bam! a thought comes to mind. What will my friends think about this guy or girl? What will my family think if I do this thing or if I don’t do it? Most people have loved certain people and things, but are not doing something or not with someone because they would rather be accepted than be loyal to themselves by actually doing what they really want.

It’s a great feeling to be accepted by your circle I won’t deny that, but is it really worth self-denial and disloyalty to yourself? Okay I know your mind will or has already taken you through some thoughts of your own as you read this.

Now just for a moment, think about where you’d be or what you would be doing differently had you been real to yourself for once without even thinking about “bazothini abo my “f” (friends family). Does it really matter to keep them happy while deep down you know you ain’t being true to you? Okay let me leave it here with this. Just for today can you try to be real and honest to what you want and to hoots with everybody else?


Tell us: Who are you most loyal to?