The strong gusts of wind dance through the dense forest. Dandelions sprinkle out into the darkening sky. Thick black clouds start to roll in. I get the scent of the coming rain, accompanied by the sweetness of the wildflowers. Across the expanse of the trees, darkness approaches.
I ogle at the amazing waterfall that spews over the terrain. Lotus flowers bloom on the surface of the river below it, while the sound of the rushing water is echoing across the valley. My home is at the centre of this astonishing arena, and the forest is my only backyard.
The other is, well, the now rapid waters, of the Pacific Ocean. This, too, turns treacherous as the summer weather sets in. The deep blue colours of the ocean turn to slate grey, as the torrential wind creates and propels more waves onto the shore. White sand darts around, forming miniature tornados.

I marvel at the lightning, as it starts to strike against the open fields. My trance of admiring Mother Nature has to be now broken. I hurry towards my mansion. As I walk, I feel the electricity in the air. My hair stands on end, and suddenly, thunder shakes the Earth.
As I close the huge entrance doors, I glance around, looking through the bay windows. Rain pelts down on the glass, sending flowing tears down the window. Eventually, as the temperature drops, hail stones thrash the window. They hit the ground, bouncing back. Thunder continues to crackle overhead.

The vein pattern of the lightning bolts is visible through every opening in the house. At the front, the marine churns, tide-after-tide, slashing the elongated pier. The hail stones float on the surface of the water, like ice cubes.
I head towards the fireplace, set the logs alight, and take a seat on my luxurious couch. As the warmth of the hearth fills the room, I take in the breath-taking view. I pour a hot cup of tea, steam meandering into the air. I sip slowly, savouring the taste. The warmth of the strong caffeine lifts my spirits up a little bit.

Watching this horrendous, yet also stunning, storm cascade over my territory shows me just how powerful the elements of nature really are. No matter where I go, and what I do, I cannot escape reality, or the world. Just as some storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.

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