I don’t know where to start from, it is so weird to explain. It is like that feeling one has of feeling both coldness and hotness, it is also like saying YES to mean NO and NO to mean YES. The problem comes when we have to make critical decisions that can change our lives forever.

Well, I think it all began with my heart. It is the organ that was entrusted to pump blood around my body, until I fell for someone when I piled up its’ task double from the usual. It then pumped blood and also loved someone. My first love, how we could manipulate ourselves into the belief of true love and even promising complete trust to one another.

“I will never leave you no matter the circumstances…” all those sweet phrases we would use to milk the love from one another’s heart. Our eyes glittering as if it was meant to be for eternity, like those fairy tales we watched on television; “and they lived happily ever after…’ that was what I had in mind. A “and they lived happily ever after…” kind of relationship. I remained loyal to the end because I had that belief in young love.

At first it all seemed like we were inseparable. No external force no matter how strong it may be, no matter how bad it may pin us down to our fall, would be impossible to break us apart, because we were stronger together. It all began so simply; a friendship turned into a bond and that bond could never be broken (that’s what I thought in fantasy) that bond was called love.

Like the layout of a story; with the beginning smoothly raising to the climax of the story. At this point it became so, so sweet and we enjoyed each other. The unlucky part of it is that it was all short-lived. It was short-lived despite the excitement which descended down to our down fall. Our ending. In movies it is called “The End”. But is it too stubborn to ask for another episode so that we could live as one together in our reunion?


Tell us: Do you’ve someone that you once loved and still can’t get over?