In all my life, I have had to live to experience a lot; make mistakes, have life lessons, go through good and bad things, have challenges, oh and make decisions. I still don’t know what’s the one word to use that will describe what I have gone through.

Let’s start here. I was disowned by my family for being pregnant at 18 years old, got rejected by some family members, was betrayed by my own family, even by my boyfriend. I have given so much love to people that did me wrong. I helped a lot of people that did not ask me to help them, I put a lot of effort into making a person feel comfortable. What’s the one word to use for my personality or character?

My life has not been easy, I have slept without eating, was homeless, lonely, depressed, abused physically and emotionally and I did the same to my lover too. When that happened I found myself not happy anymore, I felt a gap in my life that I don’t know where it came from and I did not know how to fill that gap because it was destroying who I was and my happiness. So now, I sit and evaluate myself. I grew up without a mother, I was raised by strict family members, I was not taught genuine love, comfort, appreciation or support. I was instructed to do things, if I don’t do them there are consequences that will follow me. What’s that one word to use for my experiences and my troubles?

In life we will always ask questions and often find ourselves with no answers. After evaluating myself I came to see the things that I was not taught, I had them inside me. I am too kind, brutally honest, consistent, loving with all my heart, supportive, motivated, helpful, encouraging, oh and I’m strict when it comes to life decisions. I’m also punctual, confident, active and full of life. Look we can go on and on, but I can also be ruthless, selfish, moody, unkind, too serious, full of myself, full of pride, stubborn, and feisty.

Everyone has a good side and bad side to them. It is so much better for one to see true colours earlier than later. Question is which side do you get along with when interacting with someone? We are only human and it’s okay if we don’t get what we want from people. Let’s learn to love ourselves better than to give up. Let’s take all the experiences of life to get what will motivate us and evaluate ourselves. Figure out the type of person you are, what you stand for and be firm. Don’t change who you are, don’t let people discourage who you are when they say bad things about you. It’s okay if you are a serious person because guess what, you have both a good and bad side, you just choose to live and do good by others.

My dear, it’s okay to make your own decisions, to stand for what you believe in, to do what makes you happy. There is no right or wrong, we learn while we go. When you fall stand up, clean yourself and carry on moving. We only live once. I know we often hear those words and they are true because we don’t know what tomorrow holds for us.

I was so emotional when I wrote this piece and I felt better towards the ending of it because I know these are not just words, you are reading this piece and it’s up to you to figure out what’s that one word to use for this piece.


Tell us: What do you think the one word for this piece is?