They said you weren’t my type, and that you were too different. Perhaps, they were right. But what they didn’t know is that you were the type of ‘too different’. I needed to change my perspective and find myself.

They again came and told me that you would hurt me. And chances were you would. But what they didn’t get to hear is the promise you made not to ever hurt me intentionally. Like if they did hear it that would stop them from making all these assumptions about you. They went on to say that you would get tired of my nonsense and give up on me. But what they didn’t know is that your love for me renews your strength, making it possible to hold on a little longer.

Then they finally said, one day you would wake up and leave me. You said, “Yes, only to heaven I would.” But to my surprise, you didn’t even go anywhere close to heaven but you still left me.

I guess what they didn’t know is that their assumptions turned out to be permissions, allowing them to be able to predict future events. And making them spot on about all they said about you.

But enough about you and them. Enough about what they said you said. I say what we all didn’t know is that leaving me would lead me straight to the arms of my new found lover. His name is Pen and surname is Paper. He and I can’t go anywhere without each other.


Tell us: Do you listen to what others say about your boyfriend or girlfriend?