True love is hard to find. Before you commit yourself to someone you should look at a lot of things. Love and gambling are the same. With both of them, you should know how to count before you say you’ve won. It’s either you win or lose.

In love, you can’t say you’ve found true love when you haven’t had problems with your partner. Have a problem first and then you will see who is willing to make it work. If both of you are willing then maybe it is true love, but if only one of you is trying to make it work then chances are it is not true love.

In the casino you should be careful on your first round. You must collect any cards that are down, especially the spade. If your challenger builds a number, don’t wait for lots of points only or more than five cards or one spade to take it off. Remember the first round is important because no one knows the cards. Make sure that you have more than sixteen cards, because twenty one cards is two points. The cards that are important in the casino are only three. It’s ace, two spy and ten red demon. If you lose those cards, there’s a lower chance to defeat your challengers because to defeat your challengers without two of those cards and small cards, it needs miracles. You can collect those cards when your first round has ended and you’ve taken on the second round, depending on your defender.

Same applies to love. To win her, you should collect any things that make her happy and win her trust, loyalty and faithfulness. Make sure you swallow your pride and apologise all the time until you reach your limits. To apologise doesn’t mean you are fool. If you correct an uneducated person, they will hate you, but if you correct an educated one, they will appreciate it.

So, before you say you found true love, you must have at least two of those things. Without those things you have don’t have a high chance of reaching your destination with your partner. Most girls think everything revolves around them. They won’t give you advice to stay with your partner. All they will say is the words to make your partner become angry and end things, but I can’t blame them. You will think that your friends give you advance while it makes you break things.

At the casino when you play round two, there aren’t a lot of rules, because if you count your cards correctly you can know your challengers’ cards. You must know how to play in such a way that your opponents must accept defeat. Remember, you must not allow your opponent to take control of you. If you are losing, you will see how your opponent throws his cards. You should build or use them, even if you are trying to build, he will take them out. Most of the time this happens when we are left with five cards. But the cards must be two, three and four. Hold those cards only if you know that card’s number. Remember, to win the game, you must score six points.

In love we do the same. No rules when you already have six months. You already know each other, don’t allow anyone to tell you how you should answer your partner. If someone tells you that they beg their partner, don’t be surprised by any of it, maybe it is their way to make their relationship romantic. Some relationships become romantic by insulting each other.

You can say you know someone but when they hear something, ideals start to change, they lose trust, loyalty and faith leaves with love. Even when they try to regain it, they get pushed away. They insult you, need to be begged, choose friends over you, and the worst part is they give you a schedule when to call or chat. Most of the time, the person is left confused, trying to choose women who will be suitable to be mothering children or good wives.

Those things happen most of the time when one of you finds out that you love them from the bottom of your heart. Even though you feel like you are losing your partner, you are losing the game. Your challengers start to defeat your challenge. You will try your best to build up your relationship but someone will come and destroy it. Most relationships end because of a third person. Please ask yourself how old your partner is and how long your relationship is; you’ll realise you don’t even reach a quarter of their life.

So be careful with your friends’ advice. Stop being selfish. Be faithful to your partner. Be loyal. Stop being too busy for your partner. Regularly chat with your partner, increase the love.

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