My name is I, my surname is love, my goal is you. Have you ever taken the time to know me, have you ever taken the time to consider my feelings? Have you ever searched for me, have you ever found me?

What is love? I have been trying, searching, but I failed. People express you, but they are not sure, they are confused.

Love I honour you, love I salute you, love I respect you because you made strong people honour you.

Love what you have is pain, sorrow, tears, and emotion after emotion. I thought you loved me, but you used me. At a time there was a strong connection, but now we are fighting after so many disappointments, so much pain.

Love, that girl I called a flower, today she is my worst enemy. Love, are you joking? How can I love without knowing the meaning of “I love you”? Have you ever thought about those people who died because of you, who committed suicide because of you? I hate you because I can’t find you, but in the end I have to express you because you are free to be given.


Tell us: How would you describe love?