I have lived long enough to know that not everything I plan will happen. I used to get so frustrated whenever my goals, schedule and new year resolutions didn’t materialise. I would blame myself and try to do better next time.

It was not until I understood the phrase, “Nobody knows tomorrow” that I began to see life from a different perspective. Day after day, it became clear to me that in this journey called life, I only know two things: where I have been and where I am. Period.

Here’s a 7 year-old girl who wants to be a surgeon in future. She is clueless of what’s in store for her to reach her destination. With no idea of what’s ahead, no assurance, no nothing. How is she to get there?

Destiny is determined by the choices we make. We know nothing about the future, but we need not to worry ‘cause choices are what really shapes our futures. Whether we make right ones or wrong ones, the results are always there.

When we make terrible decisions, not only do we ruin our lives but our children’s as well. Like some street kids, it may not be their fault that they’re in that position. Maybe it’s because of the choices made by those who came before them. So educate yourself and ignorance will be no match for you.


Tell us: What’s the one lesson you’re learnt in your life?