Christmas was not too long ago and it’s the time of year when people are excited, enthusiastic and carefree. Parents, on the other hand, get headaches about how and what they should buy their children. The nature of the holiday is about big feasts and celebrations and to make it even better Jesus Christ’s birthday is believed to be on on the 25th of December.

One puzzling question is what ever happened to Santa Claus? I remember during my childhood I would write a list to Santa, but the sad thing is I never got the things I asked for. Where is Santa? What happened to him? Has he been kidnapped? Maybe he’s gone bankrupt? Does he truly exist? Is he sick in bed? Are the reindeer lost? Did he die, retire or get lost? Is he really just made up? Does he have a family? How old is he? Has he lost his compass? Or he is American?

How I wish I would see Santa Claus. Did he receive my list? Was the handwriting too untidy for him to see? Am I on your naughty list? The bad girl in me is really upset with you, but she fears why you no longer show up.

Should I call you Father Christmas? Have you lost your red suit and boots? Does your carriage no longer work? Did someone hit you with a stone using a catapult? Lost your memory? Out of gifts in your sack? Are you disguised as someone else?

Questions flood my mind, Santa where are you? I am waiting, I have waited and you still don’t show up. I woke up with enthusiasm only to find no gifts under my Christmas tree.

I’m sure they are grown by now. Do u take care about them? I mean the gifts, the decorations, stockings and bells. But guess what? I will start my search looking for you. If I can’t find you then I can be the new Santa! Then probably you might show yourself.

I hope you read this and change your mind.


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