I have heard a lot of people complaining about certain things in life everywhere and there is this one simple question that they fail to answer: What are you doing about it? I certainly don’t blame them because I have been there and I used to allow myself to be frustrated about uncontrollable situations in my life. I used to complain all the time until I realised that I was gaining nothing but more frustration.

We certainly don’t choose the kind of environment that we grow up in, our family and our misfortunes but all of that doesn’t determine our destinies and fates. It is only us who choose to allow ourselves to be frustrated and do nothing. I always ask people who complain a lot the question: What are you doing about it?

I strongly believe that whatever affects me can also be affected by me and it’s time people started to realise just how much power and impact they have over all things in their lives. You don’t need to be someone superior or have more money to change whatever it is that is challenging you in your life. You only need to change your mind-set and realise the amount of power and influence you have over your life

Lack of resources will always be a cry of every generation and I hate seeing people hiding behind this excuse. If there’s nothing, make something! The problem is with the mind-set and if we could tackle that then all is possible!


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