We’re labelled as ‘fake friends’ because we couldn’t stop the rain from pouring on our friend’s sunny days. Or because you failed to be there when they needed you, while they also failed to let you know that you were needed. We are isolated because ‘you’re too busy for me’. We’re labelled as fake because we couldn’t help them when they were broke or we were not there when they planned their birthday party or had a baby shower.

It’s about time we stopped expecting our friends to be always there for us. Some stages in our lives require us to have certain people. I can never be there for you all the time. Get more than one friend and you’ll see that I am not lacking anywhere. I am a friend that you need here and there. I’m a student and you can never expect me to understand the conversations that you had at work during tea time – I get breaks not tea time.

Our friends even call us fake for not liking the same things that they like. We’re even faker when we don’t attend the events that they love. And again, the friends that agrees to go with them are the ‘true friends’. It all starts with expectations. The minute that you don’t meet their expectations, you don’t fit the criteria of being a ‘true friend’.

It’s about time we understood that some friends are there to help and guide you to the right way or to help you get to where you need to be in life, and that’s where it ends. Like an arrow on the road, you’re supposed to walk over them and make way for the people behind you that need to be guided by the same arrow.

Yes! You’ll walk pass many other arrows that lead to your destination. In other words, some friends are just there to take a step with you to the next level, and don’t have what it takes to stay on that level with you. Accept that and meet another arrow that will instruct you to the next level!

Let’s stop holding grudges against friends for stupid reasons.


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