A community is a place where we should feel safe because it is the place where we spend most of our time. Yet, I feel unsafe in my community because of the things that are happening in my community. People hurt each other and they take their belongings

People are killed for expensive things. There was a woman in my community who was killed for her television. The reason why she was killed is because she refused and fought for her television. Others are killed for their cars and cell phones. If you refuse, they will either rape you or stab you and that makes me feel unsafe in my community. The dangerous guys hijack people’s cars.

These guys kidnap girls and that is another reason why I feel unsafe in my hood. They sell them to another province or other countries. These guys do this because they want to get rich. They take young girls’ private parts and make traditional medicine. Rumour says that the medicine makes them strong. People usually ask traditional healers to make this kind of medicine.

In this generation, there is no mercy. Money has corrupted this generation and there are gangsters in my community. The gangsters kill each other everyday. At midnight we hear gunshots because they shoot each other. The reason why they shoot each other is because of money. Sometimes they shoot each other because of disagreements on how they should share the profits they have made. If they did not find a buyer they force someone in the group to find a buyer in another country or province.

The solution for this is that the government must create jobs so that these guys who do this can be employed and maybe crime in South Africa can be ended that way, because most of the guys who do this are dropouts. Some dropped out in Grade 10, so that is one of the reason they cannot make CVs. The police must divide themselves – some of them must be on streets and be the lookouts. Then the crime in South Africa would end and people on the streets would be safe. The police must be strong and serious because it seems like they are not serious about their work. People say bad things about the police. Most of the people say the police officers are weak and useless. They say that because of the way the police officers handle things.

Police officers must patrol in our streets at night so that we can end crime and that will make us feel safe in our communities. And we must have street patrollers who are elected by members of the community. The government must also help us with companies that educate the community about safety.