In my country, I see the reflection of the sun in our smiles. The rays of the sun coming from the brightest side as we take great satisfaction in our country. We represent the South African “arc spectral colours” signal, we are the colours that defines happiness.

In our country, I see Ubuntu. We are defined by our compassion and kindness towards others. We have the power in general to keep the bond between us tight. Together, we are one.

In my country, I see solidarity. We are not just the future, we are the current hope of our nation. We are not just a hope but the asset of adding glory to our beautiful country. Not just to serve our community but to serve our nation is why we stand together, encouraging one another to voice out and be part of a positive innovation so that we help our nation.

In my country, I hope for elaboration of a theme with rhythmic and harmonic variations so that our country can overcome poverty and other anxious obstacles. I hope for change for the better.

In my country, I hope for each and every native to have a better understanding and significance of philosophical doctrines for our country to grow together; being shown deferential regard and having great worth.

In my country, I hope for association in order for us to develop and prevail to be a better state without deteriorating time.

In my country, I strive for both gender and both races to succeeed fairly, to see South Africans happy because nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy. In my country, I strive for each and every kind to always be on top, never give up and always stay focused on their dreams, I strive for progress not perfection.


Tell us: What do you hope for your country?