My family and I all woke up at dawn on the 1st of January.

“Happy New Year!” we screamed like we had Vitamin E (energy) flowing in our veins. I thought to myself, damn, I made it to 2018!

My little sister Kamo asked, “Do you think it’s going to be your best year?”

I screamed from the top of my lungs, “Yes!” Immediately after I said that I was thinking maybe something special would happen… and it did!

My big sister called and said, “Bath and get dressed. My husband and I are on the way, we are taking the family to Wild Waters!”

When they got to our house, we got in the car and the day just kept on getting better and better… well, until we got there, that is.

The place was packed, I mean, full to capacity! After the security guard informed us of the situation, I felt like someone had rained on my parade. I didn’t understand what had happened, we had already bought alcohol and a sound system! We didn’t understand why it happened so fast, but luckily my sister’s boyfriend had a Plan B. So he took us to a place called Mzimkhulu Lodge.

The first thing that attracted us about the place was the entrance fee, it was very cheap: R30 for adults and R15 for people under the age of 18 years. There was also a pool, so when we got in we immediately changed our clothes and went swimming as my sister’s boyfriend and his friend started the braai. Mmm! The smell was tantalizing. We were singing and having fun but we had one problem, the water was extremely deep. I was the only person in the pool who could swim but my brother did not listen and he kept on swimming where it was deep.