There is a girl called Nolubabalo. She is a party girl and very cheeky, she lives with her mother only. They are poor.

One day Nolubabalo’s mother was on her way to the clinic when she received a call from the principal.

“Hello, I am the principal of Masiphumelele High. I’m calling to find out what is happening with Nolubabalo.” The mother was surprised.

“What is happening?”

When has this started? Even the principal was surprised, he hung up the phone and she went back to her house. When she got in, she found Nolubabalo in the house and the house was dirty.

“Nolubabalo, why is it so dirty?” The mother said.

“Look here old woman, you have your hands, so use them to clean. By the way, I am going to the street bash today, so don’t wait up for me.” Nolubabalo slammed the door and went out.

In the morning, the mother went outside to look for Nolubabalo but she didn’t see her even though she usually saw her outside. And then she became worried. She got in the house and washed and when she was crossing the road, a car came at a high speed and ran her over. She died on the spot.

The driver called the ambulance and ran away.

The ambulance came and they found a number on her chest and they called the number. It was her sister’s number and when she received the news that her sister was no longer alive, she had a stroke and she was rushed to the hospital. Then they called Nolubabalo, telling her the news. She cried and locked herself in her room for more than a week. At the funeral, there was a lady and that lady was the one who killed Nolubabalo’s mother. She confessed to causing the scene saying “It was a mistake, I didn’t mean to kill you.”

Nolubabalo went to stay with her aunt. She was treated badly and she felt the same way that she made her mother feel. She went to apologise to her mother and soon her life was a success. Now she is a doctor, she is married and has two children.