My dear, listen to my words because they consist of a fruitful message about your life. Never, and I repeat, never put your happiness in the hands of other people. Those people whom you call friends, bestie, bea, brother, sister, ect.

Always put your happiness in the hands of God for He is the creator and author of your happiness. He is the one who knows all your strength, weakness and pain. God is the one who knows what you’re made of for He is the one who created you. He is the one who stays by your side at all times, good and bad.

If you try to depend on your friends to make you happy by turning your cloudy days into sunny days, you’re always going to end up in tears or disappointed. Thus, not all your friends are be able to bring happiness to your table. There are those friends who don’t like seeing other people happy.

Again, the people you have in your life are not able to give you the same happiness that satisfies your heart, God is the only entity that can give you blissful happiness. You just have to trust in him and his word each day of your life. If you haven’t yet started reading his words in the Bible, it is not too late for God to receive you.

You can start now, right where you are. If you are Muslim, it is also not too late for you to start reading the Quran. This is the time, today is the day and don’t say that “I will start reading the Bible whenever I am going to be free.” Start today. You are going to find happiness in God’s words.