Across the world, people have died fighting for the right to vote and to be part of a democracy. In South Africa, it was not until the end of apartheid in 1994 that black people were able to vote for the first time. As recent as 2005, women in Kuwait finally secured the right to vote and run for office. Today, many people across the world are still denied the right to vote.

Voting changed many things in my life, but in fact it is one of the most important means of making a difference. Remember, a government only has power because people vote for it. If I don’t vote, I will give control over my life to those who actually go out and vote.

Elections give me a chance to choose my leadership and ruling political parties. It gives me a say on who represents me in my parish council and at the constituency level. Good candidates represent me because I vote. Now, I have a chance to say who represents me by voting. Some of us are quick to complain when they disagree with politicians, but if I don’t register and don’t vote nothing will change in my life. I have many good changes in life because of my vote. Now, I’m able to go to school and learn more about our heroes.

When I registered to vote, I got a voting ID card that is used as a de facto national ID and is even accepted internationally in some cases. Many local banks leading elections can be called any time and at short notice. If I’m not registered I won’t be able to vote, so I make sure that everything is well prepared because there’s nothing vital like voting in my life. I’m what I am today because of my vote.

My vote is my voice for my voice to be heard. I must register to vote as my right. It is my right and my responsibility. Our elected officials determine much concerning our quality of life. I don’t let someone else choose my elected officials. The biggest election issues often directly affect the youth and will impact life for years to come. The only way democracy work is if citizens young and old are active participants.

I humble myself before my kings and heroes who able to give us freedom. Now I can scream and shout and say I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. THANKS, and to NELSON MANDELA RIP, I love you.